Resources for Donor-Conceived People

Policy in Canada and Around the World

Organizations For Donor-Conceived People

  • We are Donor Conceived
    • We Are Donor Conceived was launched in 2016 as a resource center for donor conceived people around the globe.
  • DNA for the Donor Conceived (DNA Detectives)
    • A group especially for guidance in using DNA to locate biological family for individuals who are donor conceived and for donors searching for their biological children.
  • Worldwide Donor Conceived People Network
    • A group EXCLUSIVELY for donor conceived people (including those born of surrogacy) around the world.”
  • Anonymous Us
    • The Anonymous Us Project is a safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction (sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy). We aim to share the experiences of voluntary and involuntary participants in these new reproductive technologies, while preserving the dignity and privacy for story-tellers and their loved ones.”
  • R U D C (Australia)
    • RUDC is a public awareness campaign with a difference. Now there’s less chance that you’re DC than that you will get heart disease or diabetes, but if you are DC, it’s arguably more profound. Although we might appear like ordinary people our donor conceived identities are often shrouded in mystery and have caught up with us long after the age we should have known about them.”
  • International Donor Offspring Alliance
    • IDOA believes that everyone has the right to know the truth about their own life and that that includes the manner of their conception and the identity of their biological parents.”
  • TangledWebs UK
    • TangledWebs UK is a group supporting the rights of donor-conceived people in the UK and across the world.
  • Donor Detectives (Netherlands, Belgium)
    • Donor Detectives NL/BE is opgericht en wordt gerund door ervaringsdeskundigen. Wijondersteunen mensen die geboren zijn vanuit (anonieme) zaad en/of eiceldonatie, omdat wij van mening zijn dat iedereen recht heeft op zijn of haar ontstaansgeschiedenis en de mogelijkheid een band op te bouwen met je biologische familie.
  • SpenderKinder (Germany) 
    • Wir sind ein ehrenamtlich arbeitender Verein von über 100 durch Samenspende gezeugten Erwachsenen. Schätzungsweise gibt es mehr als 100.000 solcher “Kinder” in Deutschland, aber die meisten wissen nicht von ihrer Zeugungsweise.
  • Procreation Médicalement Anonyme (France)
    • “Fondée en 2004 par le Dr Pauline Tiberghien, médecin de la reproduction, l’association Procréation Médicalement Anonyme compte plus d’une centaine de membre actifs en majorité des jeunes conçus par don de gamètes, mais aussi des parents, des donneurs et toutes les personnes qui se retrouvent autour d’une cause, celle de la reconnaissance du droit d’accès aux origines.”

Organizations Led by Recipient Parents

  • Scandinavian Seed Siblings
    • Scandinavian Seed Siblings was started in 2008 by a few Swedish mothers who had children as a result of sperm donation. A donor also contributed to the start of the organisation.
  • Australian Donor Conception Network
    • Our members come together in person and online to support each other, not because we are experts in any particular field (medical, legal, etc) but because we have our own experiences to share. In sharing experiences, we honour each other’s confidentiality.
  • Donor Conception Network (United Kingdom)
    • We are a supportive network of more than 2,000 mainly UK based families with children conceived with donated sperm, eggs or embryos, those considering or undergoing donor conception procedures; and donor conceived people.